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The low-cost Chocolate ($0.00 USD per month) plans are all powered by one of the most avant-garde cloud hosting systems present on the present day web hosting market. What's impressive here is that the cloud web page hosting system has been entirely built by Free Hostia. It's in-house designed. And not only that. There are 4 data center facility locations this excellent cloud web hosting system is being offered at: in the States, in England, in Sweden and in Australia. You can also scrutinize the cloud hosting demo account - note the audio/video presentations located there. If you have no clue what cloud site hosting in reality is, examine the site hosting article.

Hosting Details Chocolate Watercircle Lovebeat Wildhoney
Cost Per Month
Data Storage 0.25 GB 500 GB 2 TB Unlimited
Internet Bandwidth 6 GB 50 GB 1 TB Unlimited
Hosted Domains 5 10 20 Unlimited
Parked Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
eMail Boxes 3 100 300 Unlimited
FTPs 1 2 6 18
1-click Web Apps Installer
Site Installation Tool
Free Top Level Domain
Free Web Design Templates
Money Back Warranty
Uninterrupted Web Service Operation